"Good Food. Good Vibes. Good Times."

It's hard to find anyone who doesn't enjoy at least one of those things, and if you're like me—you try to indulge in all three as often as humanly possible.

Parc De Oaks aims to deliver on all three.

The new concept coming to North Lafayette has residents excited for Spring 2023 when Parc De Oaks plans on opening to the public. According to their official website, Parc De Oaks will be located at 3302 Moss street—not far from the I-10 underpass at the corner of Lita Drive.


It's one of those places that you literally drive by every day, but one couple has the vision to bring Lafayette's first official food truck park to the oak-covered grounds; complete with its very own permanent bar.

Parc De Oaks
Parc De Oaks

Developing Lafayette put together a super detailed post about the planned food truck park, but it seems like residents are already excited to see this concept come to fruition.

So what's going to happen in this food truck park?

Well, food is literally in the name—and based on their plans, the park will be able to accommodate up to eight food trucks with a variety of offerings.

Come experience our bar that offers a wide selection of draft beer from local brewers; alongside a rotating selection of ciders, wines, and cocktails. We also have live music on selected nights and a variety of family fun events.

Who is it for?

The park will be family-friendly, with room for everyone to enjoy comfortably (even your "four-legged friends").

Parc De Oaks is a family-operated park that welcomes all to come out and have a great time. Four-legged friends too! Whether it’s eating local cuisine under the oaks draped in string lights, families laughing playing yard games, or dancing on the grass listening to live music. IT’S A VIBE...

On the north side of Lafayette? Is this really happening?

While Lafayette is primed for growth, many have voiced the lack of options on the north side of town, so it's great to see investment in an area of Lafayette with rich culture and history.

This is something that is not lost on owners Christopher and Andrea Amos based on their comments to Developing Lafayette.

It’s no secret to the residents of Northside Lafayette that when it comes to economic development, we’re often an afterthought. There’s a movement growing with a new wave of local developers, investors, and entrepreneurs who are doing their due diligence to shift that narrative. Northside Lafayette has always been rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Parc De Oaks Food Truck Park strives to showcase what makes this side of town so vibrant and unique.

They had plenty more to say, and I highly encourage you to check out their comments along with more renderings and links to their website and socials to keep up with all of the action here via Developing Lafayette.

Good luck to the Parc De Oaks crew, and I'm sure we'll see you guys out there once it's open.

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