Is it OK to laugh at this? You have to see this reporter fall into the water during an interview!

It's always embarrassing to fall in front of people, because you look goofy!

This 'reporter' will make the highlight or 'best of' news reporters blooper film for sure, or will she?

As the Dutch reporter (whom we now know is Martje Oesterholt, a tourism marketing consultant...) is walking towards the mayor of Kampen on the boat to interview him, she isn't paying attention to any thing around her. She is just so focused on the interview.

Then it happens, she goes to lean on the side of the ship, and goes straight into the water! The funny thing is, the guy doesn't jump in to get her, he just throws her a life ring!

Thanks for reading this far, here's the rest of the story. In the same way Jimmy Kimmel has pulled video pranks on America and the world, The Dutch are trying their hand at it. Oesterholt teamed up with the Kampen mayor to produce a viral video to tie in with their annual Easter music festival. Thanks to some sharp eyes and minds, you won't be fooled, but share with your friends and see if they 'fall' for it.

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