Robin Roberts is putting a spotlight on the devastation in Lake Charles.

As a native of Pass Christian, Mississippi, the Good Morning America anchor is no stranger to what people go through after hurricanes sweep through their town—especially residents on the Gulf Coast.

While many have criticized the mainstream media for all but ignoring the one-two punch from hurricanes Laura and Delta that smacked Lake Charles and surrounding areas in SWLA, Roberts showed up with cameras in tow to help tell the story of what residents are dealing with in a region that is still marred with devastation.

Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter has been very vocal about the lack of national attention on his city has received in the wake of these storms, but made it a point to let Roberts know just how appreciative he was that she took the time to show love to a region where people continue to pick up the pieces.

Roberts compared the lack of attention that Lake Charles is getting after these storms to the lack of attention they got back in 2005 after Hurricane Rita—a storm that was grossly overshadowed by the historic devastation in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina.

We'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the stories that Robin plans to share on GMA and we'll continue to send good energy and as much help as we can to Lake Charles and all our South Louisiana neighbors who are powering through a tough 2020.

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