The 2018-19 NFL football season is almost complete, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking ahead.

I'll start with this, the Dallas Cowboys front office announced this week that they will not extend Jason Garrett's contract at the moment. Thus, they will let their head coach enter the final season of his existing contract in 2019.

What the Dallas Cowboys are saying here is that Garrett has one more year to prove himself. And it will take more than just a playoff win for him to keep his job in Dallas.

I think Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys has to go deep into the playoffs next season to save his job with the Cowboys. Winning just one, or even maybe two postseason games may not be enough.

Now let's turn our attention to the coach in New Orleans, Sean Payton. Coach Payton has two years left on his existing contract with the Saints and it comes with an aging quarterback in Drew Brees. I think Brees is in the final years of his career. And it's been a great one!

Like many Saints fans, I too have said that Payton stays in New Orleans as long as Drew is taking snaps. But let's be honest here, Drew Brees is on Hole 17 of the course.

It's no secret to all that Sean Payton has ties to Dallas, and to the Jones family that owns the Cowboys. With that said, I wouldn't be shocked if Jerry Jones goes after Payton if Jason Garrett struggles in 2019.

Sure, Dallas may have to give up draft picks and more to get Coach Payton out of his current contract with the Saints, but Jerry Jones is not afraid to sacrifice it all if it means winning---And Jerry is salivating for another Super Bowl trophy. 

I don't have any sources saying Jerry would take this route if need be, but the ground under Jason Garrett is shaking.

Jerry Jones and Sean Payton are very close and if Jerry can bring Payton "home" he will. After all, Payton still has family in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Saints fans, if you love your coach, and I know you do, you should be praying for Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys to have a VERY successful season in 2019-20. The Cowboys success in 2019-20 just may keep Payton in New Orleans for a few more years.

Don't you just love the drama of the NFL?


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