UPDATE: One of Dr. Luke’s attorneys has issued a statement denying claims that Sony may be ending their relationship with the producer any time soon.

“This is not true,” a lawyer told Rolling Stone. "Luke has an excellent relationship with Sony. His representatives are in regular contact with executives at the highest levels at Sony and this has never come up."

The original news story appears below.

Lady Gaga, an ardent and vocal supporter of the #FreeKesha movement, is imploring Sony to end their contract with Dr. Luke. Her call comes amid growing rumors that suggest the company may sever their relationship with the producer.

Gaga also retweeted an article from The Wrap today (March 9), which claims Sony may be considering terminating their relationship with Dr. Luke before his contract with them officially ends next year.

The court case and allegations of rape and abuse Kesha brought against Dr. Luke back in 2014 -- which Dr. Luke recently denied on Twitter -- have been a PR nightmare for the company, despite a recent decision from the New York State Supreme Court that denied her recent request for an injunction against the producer.

Meanwhile, the latest music industry figure to lash out against Dr. Luke is Ly Moula of the band Blahzé Misfits, who leaked what he claims are drum kits and samples that belong to the hit maker. Earlier today (March 9) he tweeted, "let me know when that dr. luke news is confirmed so i can leak all of his sounds to y'all," before uploading a file to Google Drive.

Shortly after posting the file he added, “I hope you guys make bangers with these sounds & be kind to others.”

A growing number of celebrities have issued their public support for Kesha over the past few weeks, with producers Zedd and Jack Antonoff additionally offering their services to Kesha. As Idolator reports, an organized group of fans is planning a second protest in front of Sony Music Entertainment's building on March 11. They held their first on February 26.

Sony has yet to comment on the allegations that they may be severing ties with Dr. Luke, though multiple outlets have reported the unconfirmed possibility of his dismissal.

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