Steve Aoki rocked the Metropolitan Nightclub in New Orleans over the weekend and during his show he 'caked' one female partygoer with the perfect headshot.

The producer/DJ is known for his cake tossing—where he literally tosses full sheet cakes into the faces of willing revelers in the crowd—and New Orleans got one of the best ones I've seen in a while.

Cake time!!!

Posted by Jay Montgomery on Sunday, May 24, 2015

Getting 'caked' by Aoki is even more special now after he announced at the start of 2015 that he would only be throwing cakes into the faces of his most die hard fans.

To start the New Year I’m making some new changes and have decided I’ll no longer be caking fans at most festivals. There might be an exception here or there but for the most part I’ll be saving the CAKE for my headline shows, keeping it exclusive for the die hard fans. So if you want to get caked, come to one of my headline shows like the Neon Future Experience that is happening across the USA and Canada in Feb/March, or at my upcoming Manchester and London shows, or in Vegas and Ibiza. And to show my love to all the fans around the world that love the cake I wrote a song especially for YOU, properly titled CAKEFACE! It’s up now and free to download at Love you to infinity and back. Now let’s go forward into the neon future!!

Even though the girl who got nailed probably still has frosting somewhere in her hair at the time of this post, she should consider herself lucky to have received such a rare headshot from the Dim Mak producer.

As good as that headshot was, nothing will ever beat the guy in the wheelchair getting what may be the longest 'cake' ever from 80 feet away.

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