Ever since an official label obtained by Gizmodo leaked on to the internet, the blogs have been going crazy with reports that Taco Bell "didn't use real beef." Many people have been accusing the fast food giant of "false advertising" when it comes to their "beef." A law firm in Alabama has even gone as far as suing Taco Bell, saying that their version of "beef" only contains 36% of actual cow flesh based on the label obtained by Gizmodo.

Well, as we all know, if you want to get someones attention, just put their business on the internet, and thats exactly what happened because today, a press release was sent out by Taco Bell clearing up the misinformation about their beef and exactly what goes in it.

Unless I saw with my own eyes what went into the pot, I wouldn't take my chances in court with Taco Bell ... (but does it get any better than that after the club 2am 4th meal ?? anything THAT good HAS to be real !!)

Check out the press release below !!


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