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Teen Mom Arrested, Again
Being an MTV 'Teen Mom' is pretty competitive these days. It's a constant struggle between putting food in the mouths of children and upstaging other teen moms.
So, with Farrah Abraham shopping porn around, the natural move for any other teen mom would be to attack their spouse and pos…
Teen Mom Admits She Made Porn
TMZ is reporting that ex "Teen Mom" star, Farrah Abraham, has admitted to producing a sex tape, but it was meant for her eyes only. However, if anyone wants to purchase the rights to the video she says she wants $2 Million for the tape.
"The Sex Tape Was All Her Idea"
'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham has vehemently denied having any type of sex tape or video pornography in existence. The problem is, she forgot to tell everyone else to keep it on the hush - particularly the co-star in her video, aka porn star James Deen.

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