Who would have ever thought that the most realistic "reality" show from The Kardashians wouldn't even be on television. Right now the Kardashian Klan is in an all-out catfight on Twitter with Farrah Abraham-known to more people as Baby Sophia's mother from MTV's 'Teen Mom.'

It all started when Farrah reacted to Kourtney Kardashian's announcement that she and long time boyfriend Scott Disick were preggers with baby #2










Kourtney then snapped back ...











Kourtney's BF/baby daddy Scott Disick even chimed in, but wasn't so polite ....as usual












Farrah, 20, responded AGAIN by tweeting: "Age and money honestly do not change a person's poor choice. Quit making excuses."

At that point, Kourtney's tallest sister Khloe got into the mix by hilariously (yet seriously) tweeting to Scott: "I don't even know who this person is? How do u?" Scott's reply was just as honest (and rudely entertaining), "I thought she was just some sh*t stain on Twitter, no?"

Since then, Abraham has taken to Twitter to explain things to her followers, and also take one final jab at Scott

"For all who misunderstood in regards to Kourtney K. -- I hope she takes her relationship with her boyfriend more seriously for their children,"

Teen Mom vs. The Kardashians? Fighting? Over Twitter? Does it really get any more pathetic than this?

I guess sh*t happens when you put your entire personal life on television for a profit.


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