As of late, a cool "thing" to do is to become a "DJ." With any and everyone having access to so much music these days, if the average person fills up a hard drive with music, buys a mixer and a pair of fancy headphones, then he or she automatically assumes that they must be a DJ. However, do you really have what it takes to be a "real" DJ?

A few months back, we told you that a "Jersey Shore" type of reality show may soon be in production, but rather than follow around a few swole-up, tan dudes and chicks, this show would document the life of a DJ. The show, which at one point looked liked it was dead in the water, would allow up and coming DJs and producers to show off their skills when it comes to the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene.

Now, edmcasting is taking applications from those who think they have what it takes to be featured on the show. According to MixMag, the casting company behind the show - Doron Ofir Casting - is the same company behind shows like "The Jersey Shore."

The application process asks for all of your general information, but it also wants you to BRAG on yourself. Yes, producers want that overconfident individual, which by the way shouldn't be hard to find on the DJ scene, to steal the show. How many of you think that this show will be a hit? I know everyone wants to be a DJ these days, so I can only IMAGINE how many applications producers must be shuffling through right now.

I guess everyone is a DJ, literally.

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