**Heads up, there are a lot of 4 letter  "F words" in this video, and I'm not talking about the word "fail". I mean, yes, this is an entire video of fails, but the "F word" I am referring to is the mother of all curse words -- the F-bomb. It's understandable though, if I accidentally shaved off my eye brow or burnt my hair I would be dropping F-bombs left and right too. You have been warned**

I know they say "beauty is pain", but this is ridiculous.

After watching fail after fail in Marie Claire's compilation I will probably never, curl my hair, pluck my eye brows, or even put on make up ever again. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I'll definitely be sticking to my relatively tame beauty regimen for a while. Are Victoria's Secret model status beach waves really worth burning a chunk of hair off? I don't think so.

I would lose my mind if any of those things happened to me, but then again, I would never attempt to give myself bangs. And, I'm not gonna lie, I did laugh out loud at a few of these fails. I know that makes me a semi-terrible person and beauty karma will probably come around and bite me in the butt, but some of the reactions are priceless. Don't lie, when Jeffree Star screams after getting a brown smudge on his face you laughed. His fail wasn't even that bad, totally fixable, but it does prove that even make up pro's aren't safe from the dreaded beauty fail.

So, next time that contour you thought you were rocking turns out looking like clown make up in natural light or the chick at the salon waxes your eyebrows a little to thin, just watch this video and remember that you are not alone.

All hail the beauty fail, because we have all been there!

For more beauty horror stories that will make you rethink everything check out the Marie Claire website.

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