We've heard the phrase, we've seen the t-shirts, but now we have the science.

According to a new study from real actual doctors at Rutgers University, thicker thighs are linked to lower blood pressure. Their study revealed that people with higher levels of fat in their legs were more likely to have lower blood pressure than people with thinner legs. Apparently, the thickness is what protects you from hypertension, so thick thighs really do save lives.

If you have fat around your legs, it is more than likely not a bad thing.

Of course, good diet and health are always encouraged, but if you've been chasing the elusive thigh gap or feeling like your workouts aren't working out because you're still bootylicious, you can stop stressing today, because science is now on your side.

Read the full study here and be sure to share this with all your thick-thighed friends on social media and the group chat!

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