It is no secret I am a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

While many of you may not have been aware of that, my close friends all know that I have supported and cheered for the Dallas Cowboys my entire life.

So, as you would expect, I get A LOT of photos, stories, and memes sent to me when it comes to things surrounding the Dallas Cowboys. So are good, and some are just bad.

On Monday afternoon, a close friend of mine did send me a photo of a huge bus, that does resemble the bus of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and he spotted it on I-49 near Sunset, La.

Now, here's a confirmed photo of Jerry's bus that he has been spotted on many times, and down below you will see the bus in question.


Immediately I started to question why Jerry or anyone with the team would be in or near Acadiana and I forced my scenarios through my head.

Then I asked myself, is this Jerry's bus or does a super-fan have one that resembles the bus we've seen Jerry Jones on many times? Someone close to the Jones family told me he thinks that the bus below belongs to a fan.

He said that he's seen one like it at AT&T Stadium on game day.

So, was this bus, that was traveling I-49 south the bus of Jerry Jones or is it the bus of a Dallas Cowboys fan? In any case, I'd sure like to have been on that bus.

Hey, maybe one day. Right?

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