A woman in Madison, WI is accused of punching a DJ and then destroying his equipment after she did not approve of his music selection at a private party in a pub.

Police say that they responded to a 911 call, made by the DJ, and when they arrived the DJ was bleeding as a result of the assault. Sources there say that the woman smashed the DJ's laptop, headphones, and broke his microphone after she did not approve of his song selection.

Once the angry party-goer was restrained by friends in attendance, she got away from them and then proceeded to rush the DJ. The angry woman, who we guess had a few cocktails that night, allegedly punched the DJ several times and even threw glass at him.

The woman who allegedly caused all of this commotion at the pub helped organize the party for a friend, and she remains at large. Police say the woman fled the scene before they got there, but she faces several charges when they do catch up with her.

I personally have seen people get upset when you can't get to their request in a bar, club, or private function, but I have never seen anyone rush a DJ because he/she won't play their request right away.

On a side note, if you wish to have your request played right away while attending a party or function, treat the DJ with some respect and I am sure he/she will be happy to accommodate your request. Being ugly to a DJ will get you no where, nor will it get your request played---fact!!