Well, the holidays are over, and soon everyone will be returning to school. In light of the pending return to the grueling academic grind, I'll be bringing you a weekly series of tips and tricks to becoming the coolest kid on campus. I'll give you fair warning though, this series is not for the feint of heart. You're going to need your juevos if you plan on executing at this level of awesomeness. So read and implement at your own risk. And remember, Town Square Media, and especially Sam Stokes, are in no way responsible for your own stupidity. Especially Sam Stokes though. Anyway, without further adieu, here's number one with a bullet, the first edition of #Winning College: An Awesome Alternative To Pencils

  • Option 1 #notwinning

    The Lead Pen

    The lead pen is pretty much the coolest thing to happen to the pencil industry since the eraser. It never goes dull and makes a cool clicky sound. Lead pens do allow some room for expression as they are available in many different styles and colors. However, it’s still just a lead pen.

  • Option 2 #notreallywinning

    The Wooden Pencil

    The standard wooden pencil is probably the most popular choice for writing. It’s long lasting and dependable. However, the standard wooden pencil can easily become dull, and who really wants to carry a pencil sharpener around with them? The pencil sharpener guy is definitely not #winning.


    There are many different colors and prints available for wooden pencils, but in my experience, the more intricate the design is on one's wooden pencil, the less #winning the person is actually achieving.


    flickr user: Hythe Eye
  • Option 3 #winning

    The Bullet

    Just don't try to buy them at the bookstore...


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