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The Art Of Jungle Juice – #Winning College
Jungle Juice has been a staple beverage at college parties for centuries. A favorite of upperclassmen and an ominous enemy of unsuspecting freshmen, its beauty lies within its simplicity. The mysterious college concoction serves as a beer alternative for those avoiding hops and barley. As sweet as T…
How To Talk To Cheerleaders – #Winning College
Cheerleaders, dance team, song girls, pep squad. Whatever you want to call them, these glittery similarly dressed females have been elusive figures of college ambition since their inception. Many brave men have tried and failed in their quest for pom pom glory.
An Awesome Alternative To Pencils – #Winning College
Well, the holidays are over, and soon everyone will be returning to school. In light of the pending return to the grueling academic grind, I'll be bringing you a weekly series of tips and tricks to becoming the coolest kid on campus. I'll give you fair warning though, this series is not fo…