Just when you thought you've heard and seen it all from Cleveland hero turned internet superstar Charles Ramsey, he gives us another reason why he is just a class act. In an exclusive interview, he chats with Anderson Cooper about the developing story the three girls he rescued, who had been held in captivity for a decade.

Whether he knew he was doing it or not, he ended a nightmare for 3 women and a child by freeing them from a Cleveland house that they had been held captive for years. Ramsey also goes on to describe his relationship with kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro, and how he never displayed any suspicious behavior.

Ramsey's heroics have been the hottest topic on the web for the last 48 hours, even getting love from McDonald's; but when asked if he considered himself a hero, Ramsey said "no." Instead, he told Anderson Cooper what drove him to do what he did.

I'm a Christian. I'm an American.

My biggest takeaway from the video was what Ramsey said when asked if he would accept any reward for his help in finding the missing girls. He pulled out a check that he had just received from his job as a dishwasher, and expressed that he worked for an honest living; and if there was any reward money, it should go to the victims.

Am I the only one that thinks the world needs more Charles Ramseys?

[via AC360]