Charles Ramsey AKA  "Cleveland's Hero" who helped save the three missing girls after being kidnapped with a 911 call that was heard all over the world. He surprised us with his viral video that everyone has seen. Ramsey didn't stop there. He's giving the reward money to the three victims and is now using his recent fame to raise money in other ways; like putting his face on at t-shirt, and giving 100% of the profits to the three victims.

You want one?

You can purchase a Charles Ramsey Cleveland's hero shirt from the restaurant where he works called Hodge's Cleveland here is the web site   

The t-shirts are only $20 and like I said up above 100% of the profits go to the families of of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight, the three women that Ramsey saved on May 6th.

Charles Ramsey is my new hero. We can learn a lot from this guy.

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