A wounded soldier had a very bizarre request when a female medic tending to him administered morphine to him while on the battlefield. The gravely wounded soldier asked the medic for a sneak peak of her boobs.

While stationed in Afghanistan, Private Emily Tomkins was called upon to treat a soldier who had both of his legs blown off due to an encounter with an "IED."Tomkins administered one round of morphine to the fallen solider, but when she refused to administer another round of the pain killer, the fallen soldier told her, "Well do something useful and show me your boobs."  The fallen solider was apparently looking for anything to distract himself of the pain, and apparently he thought a sneak peak would be just a doctor may order.

Tomkins was able to carry the solider to safety and has since been credited for saving his life. If you are wondering, no Tomkins did not flash the fallen hero.

Source: Gawker