Ok, the iPhone 5 is out, and you are either one of three different people. Either you got one, you want one, or you couldn't give two squats about the iPhone 5. Regardless of which of the three you may be, everyone loves to see people break stuff, so check out this video of the guys from www.iFixYouri.com  and 9to5mac.com giving the iPhone 5 its first drop test.

By the looks of the video, it seems as if the iPhone 5 is really durable. They ran it through a gambit of real life scenarios (that we all hate to experience) and it seemed as if the phone held up until they actually tried to break it. I'm definitely excited to see how durable this new iPhone is, because the reason I have one is due to how smashed up my old one was, lol.

All I know is that even though I know they purposely dropped this phone to test it, there still aren't many sounds in this world as terrifying as the sound of an iPhone hitting concrete.