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First iPhone 5 Drop Test [VIDEO]
Ok, the iPhone 5 is out, and you are either one of three different people. Either you got one, you want one, or you couldn't give two squats about the iPhone 5. Regardless of which of the three you may be, everyone loves to see people break stuff, so check out this video of the guys from www.iF…
The iPhone 5 Has Officially Begun Its Global Takeover
A wave of tech-geek psychosis blanketed the earth early Friday morning, as all the iPhone fanatics of the world lined up to infiltrate Apple retail outlets in a desperate attempt to finally get their hands on the new iPhone 5.
Many of these fiends had been waiting in line since as early as Monday, ca…
Apple Sold Out Of The iPhone 5 In One Hour
Apple announced the released the latest and greatest in their iPhone line earlier this week. The iPhone 5 was set to hit stores on September 21, but if you didn't lock in your pre-order, you're out of luck. When pre-orders opened up Thursday at midnight (2AM our time), Apple sold out of th…
Will Apple Unveil the iPhone 5 on October 4?
Sources claim Apple’s newly-installed CEO, Tim Cook, will preside over an October 4 media event in which he will announce the long-awaited iPhone 5.
The date is consistent with previous reports setting early October as the release date for the next-generation smartphone.
Is This What The iPhone 5 Will Look Like? [PHOTOS]
Extremely detailed pictures of what could very well likely be the iPhone 5 have surfaced and the Gizmodo team is almost 100% sure that this what the phone will look like. It's actually claimed to be an iPhone 5 clone made in the same place where the real iPhone 5 is being produced.