Remember the days when we would actually take the time to write notes to each other, well one young man learned the hard way that sometimes love can come in the form of "tough love." He wrote this note to a young girl that apparently caught his eye, and found out the hard way that sometimes in life you just have to wait for your time .

This note was posted on the website Reddit by the user reasonable-doubt, and it shows that one young guy has an attraction for a young girl, Ashley, yet she informs all of us that she is in a relationship now, but things could soon change.

The lesson learned here for the young boy who wrote this, sometimes in life you have to wait for the things you want most. A tough lesson for such a young person to learn. Still, things do look promising for the young boy who wrote this because Ashley says that things may soon change in her life.

To go back to these days would be such a pleasure. No worries in life, other than school and finding that special someone, for a week or two. Still, this is so cute to read. And I love that this young guy took time to hand write a note and not send a text message or e-mail to Ashley. Good luck young man.