It's one of the hottest stories out today, "Let's Pizza" vending machines may be in the United States within the next year. The machine is outfitted with little windows so the customer can watch the pizza being made. But are Americans ready for a Pizza Vending Machine, and secondly do we really need these?The obesity rate seems to be an all-time high in this country, yet what do you think will happen if we have vending machines around every city block spitting out pizza? You guessed it, that rate may only continue to rise higher and higher.

While the cost of manufacturing these machines may exceed $30,000 per, experts say that this concept should still work. By that I think they mean that although the cost of these machines is high, money can still be made with this service. We live in such a fast pace society I too think that these machines would work on any given sidewalk. We often complain that "fast food" establishments aren't fast enough these days, and we may be looking for the next best thing to serve us in a timely fashion. However, my concern with this type vending machine has to do with health issues. Do you think these type machines will only encourage a more unhealthy lifestyle in our country or will it have little to no effect? We'll let you be the judge of that?