Here is a REAL SHOCKER...MTV has decided to no longer use the original cast of their hit show "Jersey Shore" after it's sixth season. In Touch Magazine says that the producers of the show notified the cast after they started production on season six.

Season six will feature the entire original cast, but a pregnant Snooki will NOT be in the home with the rest of the cast. Maybe for once Snooki has grown up and made the right decision here. According to sources, an executive producer told the cast that they should all bring their A-game to the set because nobody will remember them from any previous season.



The producers have tried convincing the cast of Jersey Shore that their last impression, the last season, will be what their fans remember most. To me, it sounds like MTV doesn't want or can't afford for the cast to become the "lame duck cast."

While we may not have a defined reason as to why MTV has pulled the plug on the cast, you can't help but think that Snooki's pregnancy and The Situation's recent rehab stint may have had a role in their decision. On the morning show we speculated that Snooki will have her own reality show, Pauly-D will keep on DJing, Ronnie will open a gym, The Situation will become a full-time model, JWow &  Deena will pose in Playboy, and Vinnie will open his restaurant. We will all have to sit back and wait to see if any of our speculations become reality.