We have all seen dogs riding in the bed of truck once or twice, and now one State Representative from Kenner, Thomas Willmott, wants to outlaw unrestrained dogs from riding in the back of trucks. His bill, House Bill 1091, passed through a committee by the vote of 12-2 and now heads to the house floor for further consideration.

This is the third time the representative tries to get this bill though the committee, and like previous proposals his attempt was obviously met with opposition. Those opposing Bill 1091 say that there are just too many hunters in Louisiana to outlaw this. They argue that many of the hunters make short drives with their dogs in the back of their truck on a daily basis and don't even think about restraining their pets.

Rep. Willmott notes that there are several ways to restrain your dog if it is in the back of your truck, and he wants to outlaw dogs in the back of trucks on highways and on interstates in Louisiana. Note, the representative did not mention anything about gravel roads or roadways that are NOT part of the interstate system in Louisiana.

According to the story on WAFB, "The law says if you have a dog loose in the back of your truck on an interstate you're going to have to pay $150 and an additional $50 bucks per pooch."

What do you think about this proposal? Should it be illegal to have your dog unrestrained in the back of a truck? Let us know how you feel about this in the comment section below.