'Pump My Ride' is back, and we're teaming up with Service Chevrolet to find the 'Perfect Pump' and top off tanks all over Acadiana!

Once per day, every weekday in April, we're easing the pain at the pump and filling up gas tanks all over Acadiana. Every weekday morning, listen to Chris Reed On-Air at 7:30 A.M. for the city and the hour that we will be out pumping rides.

Then, during the specified hour, listen for clues as to where we are and the first person to find us (safely following all the rules of the road) and say "I WANT HOT 1079 TO PUMP MY RIDE" will have a choice.

A) Fill up your tank, absolutely free!

B) Take a shot at the 'Perfect Pump' for a $1000 gas card!

What's the 'Perfect Pump?' The 'Perfect Pump' is when you make the pump stop exactly on $10.79 with only one squeeze, and one release. Even if you don't nail the 'Perfect Pump' you can keep whatever gas you pumped while trying!

'Pump My Ride' is back and coming soon to a town near you! Thanks to Service Chevrolet-Cadillac and the station topping off your tank -- Hot 107.9!