Its a new day and that must mean that there is a NEW rumor out about pop icons and singers Chris Brown and Rihanna. This time the latest rumor centers around the two being ENGAGED!! Yes, you have read that correct, Chris Brown and Rihanna ENGAGED!!! While we encourage you to always take such rumors with a "grain of salt," the two former "love birds" seem to have moved past their history and have been working together on recent projects. According to Hollywood Life, two seperate friends of Brown and Rihanna have come forth and confirmed that they are indeed engaged. The story is that Brown asked Rihanna for her hand in marriage in November, but Rihanna was not ready at the time. Since then, her feelings have apparently changed. RUMOR has it that in late February Rihanna said "Yes" she would marry Chris Brown!!!

Several photos of Rihanna have surfaced since February, but the singer does not have an engagement ring on in any of the photos. Sources tell Hollywood Life that the reason she is not wearing a ring at the moment is because she and Brown are waiting to break the news at an upcoming engagement party.

In addition to the two friends of the couple coming forth, Rhanna's former nanny named Sharon Bellamy-Thompson said that the superstar is flying to LA for a top-secret special occasion involving her and Chris at the end of the March.

Again, we cannot confirm that this is true, but Hollywood Life says that the sources involved here know the couple quiet well. Note, in a recent interview Rihanna did say that being single is so "overrated." She said that the reason for being in love with someone is so that you can share precious memories with that special someone, and that she is missing that in her life right now. If this is true, would you be happy for the young couple or do you think that this is a HUGE mistake for both?