For Halloween we saw a house sync their lights to the sounds of "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. With technology and new levels of creativity, we are seeing more and more people decorate their homes for holidays using chasers and other DMX packs to sync their lights to the sounds of music. The latest music fad these days seems to be dubstep, thus its only fitting that someone would do this to their home for the holidays. In the video, the lights on this house are synced to a dubstep track.



We should warn you, if you are seizure prone, this video may not be for you!!! OK seriously, the video may not cause seizures, but sure makes me glad that I am NOT this person's neighbor. While this may be cool for the first night or two, I think after a few nights of this I'd loose my mind. Not to mention, could you deal with the massive amount of traffic this would attract to your neighborhood?

In any case, feel free to turn off all the lights in the room you are in and stare at this video for as long as you can. Oh, "Dubstep Nation," this one is for YOU!!!!