This week we learned that the states of Colorado and Washington passed a law that legalized marijuana in their respective states. It seems to be an on-going debate that the recreational drug should be legal throughout the United States. However, we all know that is not the case.

We ask, would you be in favor of Louisiana legalizing marijuana? We have heard the pros and cons from both sides, but we simply want your opinion. If you walked into a polling station today, would you vote "For" or "Against" the legalization of weed in Louisiana?

An organization out of Monroe is pushing for legislation that would legalize recreational marijuana in Louisiana. The founder of the organization,  Donnie Griffith, told WWL, it's been a struggle to get a lawmaker here on board. Griffith says many Louisiana legislators have acknowledged the benefits of marijuana, but they feel more research needs to be done before making it legal.

Marijuana is still not recognized as a legal recreational drug by the Federal Government.