A week ago the world was introduced to a lady named Sweet Brown. Since then, the lady who didn't have time for bronchitis has been quite the internet sensation, showing up in newsfeeds and chain emails world wide. She even has a fake twitter account, and you are nobody until a fake twitter account is made in your likeness!

The beauty in Sweet Brown's 'internet fame' is that she didn't ask for it. If anything, Brown escaped a tragic situation with her life after her apartment complex caught fire earlier this month. Her account of the blaze is what brought her unique personality to the world via YouTube. We knew that from the moment we saw Sweet Brown's interview, it would get the inevitable 'Autotune remix' a la Antoine Dodson and many others.

Even though we gave you one Sweet Brown 'remix' already, THIS is the one we've been waiting for.

Sweet Brown - 'Ain't Nobody Got Time For That' (Autotune remix)