If Stuff From the ’90s Was Made Today
If we're going to wax all nostalgic about things, let's not even compare the way things used to be to the way things are now. Let's instead lament how HORRIBLE it would be if things from the past were invented today.
Guy Does 90s Hits Acapella [VIDEO]
If your a 90s junkie like myself or if you have mad respect for talent, this video is for you!  Not only did this cat drop some of the biggest hits from the 90s, but he did it with his OWN sounds....like from his mouth.  When you are good enough to drop Coolio's "Gangster&apo…
Juvenile’s ‘Ha’ Presented In The Form Of A Questionnaire
Every now and again, the internet delivers greatness on levels that are immeasurable. Today is one of those days. As if the new video from New Orleans Bounce Rapper Nicky Da B wasn't golden enough, someone has taken the time to decipher every lyric from Juvenile's 'Ha' and put it in questionnaire fo…
See What Facebook Would’ve Looked Like in the ’90s
Ever wonder what Facebook would’ve looked like back in the early days of the internet? Well, wonder no more. The fine folks at SquirrelMonkey.com have unearthed this (fake) VHS tape from the 20th century TV show ‘Wonders of the World Wide Web,’ which discusses a new destination …

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