New Update For Facebook iPhone, iPad App – Twice As Fast
It took long enough, but Facebook has finally released an update for it's iPhone/iPad app, and it actually features improvements! In addition to the upgraded features, the update to Facebook's mobile platform adds noticeable speed - more than twice as fast as the previous version.
How Many Fake Twitter Followers Does Your Favorite Rapper Have?
Recently, Facebook revealed that 83 million of its 955 million users were indeed fake. But what about Twitter? The social network hasn't given up any hard numbers on the fake accounts that are currently floating around in the Twitterverse, but a new website is on a mission to get down to the bo…
Eminem Is First Person to Get 60 Million Likes on Facebook
No wonder Lady Gaga started her own social networking site with LittleMonsters.com. If she wants to rule to a digital roost other than Twitter, she’s going to have to do so in her own space, since Facebook is clearly Eminem‘s domain.
Even though the rapper has been quiet for much of 2012, he is the f…
Lady Gaga Posts Picture While in Bed
Want to get in bed with Lady Gaga?
That’s a rhetorical question, right? Since what little monster wouldn’t want to curl up in bed with Gaga, even if just to snuggle, tell stories and inhale a whiff of whatever essence she is wearing (Fame, maybe)...

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