Guy Does An Amazing Tribute to Beyonce In A Snuggie [VIDEO]
Even though 10,000 jokes can be made about a snuggie, you might want to hold off until you see wonder boy's video.  Although there is nothing really cool about a guy wearing a blue snuggie and dancing to Beyonce's 'Countdown,' when you put the music diva's video next to…
Students Watch Sex Tape At Graduation Ceremony
If you're a Danish high school student, you have a lot to look forward to like graduation, senior trip, and just maybe a little porno flick in front of your parents.  O.k., maybe your only looking forward to a few things, you wouldn't want to watch a romantic movie in front of your fa…
News Anchor Fail Compilation [VIDEO]
We see news anchors everyday no matter what our age is....maybe your getting ready for work, taking a lunch break, or coming home from school, but I can bet that you have seen the news at some part in your life.  Even though the news is VERY important, I always find television at its best when …
CREEPIEST Song For Kids Ever [VIDEO]
I'm a believer in the educational system, but there are some things that should NEVER reach the ears of a child.  Peter Alsop, is the singer/author of the song.....if you want to call him that, but a song about death for kids, really?
President Obama Does Storytelling Like A Boss
The secret to telling a great story is that you REALLY have to get into it!  Although you might be interested in the fairytale, you should stay away from the extreme facial expressions.  No wonder I never liked reading,  my teachers never ROARED at me when the good parts came.

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