Frank Ocean Comes Out in Open Letter Posted on Tumblr
After much speculation, R&B singer Frank Ocean came out of the closet on his blog early Wednesday morning (July 4), revealing a love affair that he had with a man four years ago. Apparently, his former flame was the inspiration for some of the love songs that appears on his upcoming album &l…
Newsweek Magazine: Obama ‘First Gay President’
A week after President Barack Obama "endorsed" gay marriages, Newsweek Magazine has labeled the most powerful man in the free world as "The First Gay President." In the May 21 issue, Newsweek's gay blogger Andrew Sullivan highlights the announcement President…
Did Bruno Mars Come Out of the Closet?
Twitter and the rest of the Internet were abuzz this weekend, albeit briefly, about Bruno Mars. Why? A reputable website reported that the ‘Lazy Song’ singer came out as a homosexual. But was it true?