Big Brother 13 Auditions In Baton Rouge & Shreveport, LA
Have you ever wanted to be on a reality show ? More specifically, have you ever wanted to be a contestant in the 'Big Brother' house ? Well here is your chance to try out and not fly or drive THAT far. Your only chance to catch a Louisiana audition for Big Brother 13 is this
Jacee Badeaux Stops By LIVE In Studio
Things can get a little overwhelming when you go from the lifestyle of an average 15 yr old high school sophomore to the lifestyle of one of the most popular people in your city, recognized LITERALLY everywhere you go. This is "life" as of late for recent American Idol castoff, Jac…
Office Daiquiri Party
Digital walks into an Office Daiquiri Party in the lobby of our studios here at Hot 107.9 and he speaks too soon. For some reason, we feel like we've seen this situation before.