The Most Misheard Song Lyrics Of 2013 [VIDEO]
It happens all the time, you're chilling in your car with one of your friends and your favorite song comes on. You're singing along, and you think you know the lyrics. That was until your friend starts laughing out loud. They look at you and say, 'that's not how the song goes'.  You end up Googling …
Soulja Boy’s Lyrics Upsets U.S. Military [VIDEO]
If the rapper Soulja Boy was looking for some sot of attention, well he may have gotten it. The rapper has fired-up a lot folks in recent days with his new song titled "Let's Be Real." In the song, the rapper takes a shot at the U.S. Military, thus igniting a backlash like he …
New Lady Gaga Song “Leaks Out”
We have been hearing about Lady Gaga's new song titled "Born This Way," and now it appears that the lyrics to the song have leaked. The lyrics have "leaked out" slowly, but now it appears that we may have the entire song at our finger tips.