Adobe Photoshop Turns Average Woman To Model In 37 Seconds [VIDEO]
Women have been struggling with self image issues for decades and it's not getting any better. Actually, the problem is rapidly increasing. Women viciously tear apart their image by comparing themselves to the model in the magazine. Truth be told, it's not even the model's body! This …
Kate Upton’s Sexy Video
Model Kate Upton seems to be "the hit" on the internet today as a video demonstration has surfaced of her showing us how to do the dance to "Cat Daddy."
Bobby Petrino’s Other Mistress Is A Busty Modeling Secretary
This has been a rough year for college sports and it an even rougher month for Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino. After losing his job for lying to adminstrators about his relationship with fellow staffer Jessica Dorrell, it turns out after a review of his phone records that he had some kind of …

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