Will Michael Jordan Play In The NBA This Season?
No this isn't a joke. Yes this is true, the Michael 'AIR' Jordan #23 is in talks and may make a comeback in the 2013 season. Call everyone you know. LOL! Seriously, this just may happen this year. You may be asking yourself, How old is Michael Jordan? Why is he returning? He just turned 50, and it m…
NBA Superstar Lebron James Has Really Messed Up Toes [PHOTOS]
This photo, which was originally posted on Reddit, is now making it's way around the various social media sites like Facebook & Twitter. As you can see, NBA Star Lebron James is walking along a board walk, but when you look a bit closer you can see that his toes are really messed up!!
Flo Rida’s Manager Ejected From Heat-Pacers Game 7 [VIDEO]
Have you ever been in a situation where you REALLY didn't want to be associated with a  friend after they did or said something REALLY stupid in public? That's how Flo Rida felt last night after his manager got ejected from last night's Game 7 between the Miami Heat and the India…

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