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News Reporter Drops The BIG F’er Twice On Live TV [VIDEO]
Not only does this field reporter drop the BIG F'er once, but she does it again right after the first one. I'm pretty sure she pulls out a weggie out too. But wait, it gets better. Wait till you see the reaction of the News Anchor back at the studio. This is just one big bag of FAILED awes…
WKBT News Anchor Addresses Bully On-Air [VIDEO]
A WKBT news anchor recently addressed a viewer who called her "fat" and "overweight," and she didn't hold back!! Jennifer Livingston received an e-mail from a viewer that labeled her overweight and a bad example for children.
Dog Viciously Bites A News Anchor’s Face On Live-TV [VIDEO]
We have seen this type accident happen one too many times. Animals are brought onto a television news set and the animal wants nothing to do with the interview. This time, a rescued dog did not like it when Denver 's Channel 9 news anchor Kyle Dyer got too close and invaded it's personal s…
Was This Television News Anchor Drunk At The Desk??? [VIDEO]
Sure, we all stumble over our words, but this news anchor may have more than just a stumbling problem. Watch this video and let us know if you think the anchor was drunk while reading the news. There seems to be more than just a mishap happening here. Drunk or Not Drunk???
News Anchor Drops Awkward F-Bomb Live on Air [NSFW VIDEO]
WDBJ's Holly Pietrzak joined the oh-so-unfortunate list of anchors who have made Freudian slips on the air this week after she mixed up the word "luck" with, well, a word that rhymes with luck.
The visibly embarrassed Pietrzak quickly corrected herself, but allowed just enough …