Ok, the planking craze has officially hit Lafayette and the entire Acadiana area. You don't believe me? Check out the thousands that have liked the official Plankin! In Acadiana Facebook Page for yourself. There are even Facebook fan pages specific to certain parts of Acadiana, like the St. Martinville Planking Facebook Page. With all the pictures that have flooded our inboxes and our Facebook wall, we decided that a page dedicated to our listener's best planks was a must.

What is planking, you ask? If you're still in the dark about Summer 2011's biggest fad, get briefed quickly right here, and then check out these awesome planking pics! Even though faces have been planked to protect the innocent, you may still recognize someone you know!!

SUV Rooftop Plank

Chris Logan Studio Plank

Glow Plank

Moonroof Plank

Pool Plank

Checkout Plank

Shingled Plank

Welcome To Washington Plank

Redbox Plank

Cafe Breen Plank

Gas Pump Plank

Donut Plank

Chick Stack Plank

Monster Plank

Planking Next To An Actual Plank Plank

Rim Pro Plank

Chair Table Combo Plank

Chris Reed Downtown Party Plank

DJ Plank

Fridge Plank

Vet Plank

Joyce's Plank

Legend's Plank

Cajundome Plank

River Ranch Plank

Girard Plank

Fountain Pool Plank

Law & Order Plank

TownPlank Media

Mike The Tiger Plank

Mystery Plank

Playground Plank

'Someone Got On Chris Reed's Roof' Plank

Baby Plank

Free Boosie Plank

Tracy Wirtz' 'Good Morning Acadiana' Plank

Dave Baker's Storm Team Plank

Underwater Plank

Breaux Bridge High Plank

Mexi Plank

Trailer Plank

Jules Plank

Lafayette Firefighter Plank

Big D Plank

Snake Plank

Walk In Cooler Plank

Bridge Plank

Truck Hood Plank

Emergency Plank

Bridal Plank

Booty Plank

LPD Plank

Rock Wall Plank

Rim Plank

Offshore Plank

City Court Plank

Gumball Plank

Food Court Plank


You got a planking pic(s) that you want on this list? Email me now! Digital@1079ishot.com

Safe and happy planking!