Ok, so this season of American Idol has kicked-off, and producers promised "big changes" for the season. While I know that we may see changes as the season progresses, I don't know if I can stomach it much longer. If it were not for our local boy, Jaycee Badeaux, I'd have dumped the show from my weekly agenda and DVR list. The show is still predictable and the the talent is as always. We see the Good, The Bad, and The Heart Wrenching Stories. Now, let me be clear, I am glad for some of the contestants to have this platform of opportunity. Still, I don't find this show to be worth my time. Last nights episode from L.A. may have been the worst ever. Bad singers, and people looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Is my time and your time really worth it any longer?

As for the judges, I thought I'd like Tyler Perry more. His outbursts and singing only tells me that he too is still trying to remain relevant in the industry. I wish he would just sit back, listen, and judge. Like really, we know you are one of the best "rockers" of all-time, you don't have to remind us. As for Jennifer Lopez, I like her. I thought J-Lo was a bad decision from the start, yet now I find myself thinking otherwise. I think she is sincere, and she certainly offers great advice and knows talent when its before her. Randy, our Louisiana Boy, is better than he has ever been. He is no longer in Simon and Paula's shadow, and you can see that Randy is having more fun at the table, and has even become more animated.

With that said, I do think that this season of Idol may be weak, not so much with talent as the show comes to an end, but in ratings. In my eyes, the show is the same thing we have seen for years. We fall in love with some of the talent, and then we have to be littered with people that just don't belong. How do you change it up, I wish I knew. I have always said, I'd love to see Idol cut the season shorter, and let local garage bands perform for an opportunity. Hence, Idol would be looking for the next Aerosmith or Black Eyed Peas. While it may be fore fetched, it would "freshen up" the show. American Idol is stale, and face it, there really isn't a big draw to it...At least for now.

Still, I will watch the show and support the Lafayette High Mighty Lion, Jaycee Badeaux, but if it weren't for our Local Idol, I'd be done with show. Last night's Idol from L.A. really did it for me.