Baton Rouge rapper Boosie is doing his part to help get folks vaccinated in Louisiana.

He recently hosted a vaccination party on the campus of Southern University and the message to those in attendance was clear, GET VACCINATED. 

Some students who were in attendnace took advantage of the vaccines being administered on campus and Boosie encouraged many who were there to get the shot before his big show.

The local rapper will be hosting his annual "Boosie Bash" and he told students to get the vaccine prior to his show.

Boosie stressed the importance of protecting one's self during this pandemic but also encouraged people to get outdoors to enjoy entertainment.

Some on social media were critical of this gathering as many were seen without masks. One spokesperson from the university said that many who were in attendance were already vaccinated.

To see a shot of the crowd while Boosie was performing at Southern University, click HERE.


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