Boosie lost it.

Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz was pulled over in Georgia, where he now resides, for illegal window tint and a concealed license plate and that is when the drama unfolded.

Police in Georgia sensed that there was marijuana in the vehicle and while searching the SUV, Boosie and 19-year-old De'Shun Lawerence were detained.

While police were searching the vehicle, Boosie lost it and made several threats if he ended up in jail.

Not only did he threaten to beat people up in jail, the rapper even threatened to spit on nurses that may be in the facility.

All of Boosie's threats were caught on an officer's bodycam, which TMZ posted, while another officer searched the SUV.

Police did find marijuana and lots of cash in the SUV, thus a citation was issued to the 19-yeard-old man, who was with Boosie.

Authorities conducting this traffic stop did not take anyone to jail and Boosie and his companion was free to go.

Still, as the handcuffs were being removed from Boosie Badazz, he threatened to press charges on the officers who conducted the stop.

We will warn you, that some may find the language in this video to be OFFENSIVE.

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