Rapper Boosie BadAzz got pulled over in Georgia and a video of his interaction with the police is making its rounds on social media.

The Baton Rouge rhymer posted the clip to his IG page showing a recent traffic stop where he is seen "taunting members of the Fairburn Police Department" while officers searched his pulled-over vehicle on the side of the road.

According to XXL, Boosie was pulled over Friday morning (Aug 26).

He [Boosie BadAzz] was stopped for speeding, 73 in a 55, around 11:00 AM this morning. Before pulling over, something was thrown out of the car he was driving.

Boosie is visibly frustrated from the moment the clip opens, mouthing off to the local police officers while they rummaged through his SUV. At one point, he decides that he's just going to "perform a concert."

They got me pulled over again so I'm finna perform a concert in front of the police

You've heard it in Tiger Stadium; you've heard it on the dancefloor at Nite Town in Downtown Lafayette—but for the first time ever, Boosie performed the hook to his 2006 banger "Set It Off" on the side of the highway while his entourage offers up adlibs and backup vocals.

Boosie also burst into song, spitting the lyrics to NWA's infamous anthem "F*** the Police."

As comically entertaining as the moment was, police officers remained stoic, standing by calmly while Boosie made an interesting scene for viewers on social media.


Boosie flashed a stack of cash on camera, claiming that the $30,000 is what "he keeps in his pocket" to spend daily, suggesting that he was ready to use the money for bail if need be.

Are we going to jail or not? That's the question. I don't know. The money ready. This is pocket change. This is f***in’ pocket change. If we going to jail, the money is ready. That's what we need to know. This is pocket change. Thirty-thousand is what I keep in my pocket to spend a day.

Boosie then seemingly offered one of the officers a job, asking him about his salary and claiming that he would double it.

What you make a year? Forty? Thirty-eight, right? If you ever get tired of working for them, come work for me. I'll pay you double. If you ever get tired of this sh**, ’cause you don't talk much, I like you. So if you ever get tired of this sh**, I will pay you double

The "Wipe Me Down" emcee also sweetened the deal with a few NSFW job incentives if the officer decided to take him up on his job offer.

XXL reached out to the Fairburn Police Department regarding the incident who confirmed that Boosie's vehicle was searched after officers say he threw something out of the window while pulling over during the traffic stop.

Before pulling over, something was thrown out of the car he was driving. The item was not located or identified. The vehicle smelled of marijuana and was searched. A small amount was located, but no charges were issued for the marijuana. He was issued two citations for speeding and littering and was then released.

UPDATE (Aug. 26):

Boosie BadAzz provided a follow-up comment to XXL regarding his run-in with members of the Fairburn Police Department in Georgia on Friday (Aug. 26).

I'm tired of being targeted so today, I gave them a concert. 12 stops a month, like, wtf. F*** them [and] they ugly body wives.

It's understandable that Boosie BadAzz was frustrated as he claims to get stopped on a regular basis by the police in his current hometown of Fairburn, Ga.

Just last month, the "Mop Wit It" rhymer threatened to spit on a group of police officers who stopped him for driving with a concealed license plate and dark window tints.

Will Boosie perform more concerts if pulled over in the future? Only time will tell.

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