As I do every Monday, I dug deep into the archives this week for my "CD Pick Of The Week." If you recall, last week I was in a 90s mood when the radio wasn't on, but this week we take a whole different angle.While digging through my many CD cases, I was having trouble deciding, rock or dance this week? Keep in mind, while I often have 'Hot' cranked-up, I do at times hit the play button on my CD player in my vehicle. With that said, this week when I hit the play button, I will have the sounds of Rage Aganist The Machine coming out of speakers. While I may not be their biggest fan, I feel that this type of music will help get me through most of the week. Hence, anytime you have  to deal with Lafayette traffic, you need something to get you through it.

I recall getting this CD for club purposes. At one time, many "club goers" were requesting music like Rage Aganist The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, etc. I got this CD particularly for the track titled "Killing In The Name Of." It never failed, anytime I would drop that track one of two things would happen. One,  A mosh pit ensued on the dance floor, or a fight would breakout in the club. You can imagine club owners and managers really didn't like it when I dropped that track.

Aside from that track, there are several other tracks on the CD that will have you banging your head to. And no, I am not a "head banger." So, this week calls for a little "Rage" and that is what I intend to listen to up to the weekend when my radio isn't set to 107.9!!!