This is what happens when you post a picture of a dead raccoon on Twitter, it gets a hashtag and then goes viral.

That's when this story starts getting a little crazy. People started seeing the dead raccoon and took pics of it.

Jason Wager, it had been six hours since the raccoon had been reported, and this happened.

Then the city finally replies with this,

 Eight hours later the raccoon is still there,

Night time is about to fall and more people are putting flowers and even a cigarette for the #DeadRaccoonTo

 It's been 12 hours since the city was notified and people have left cards and are now lighting candles, there is even a donation box for his funeral.

Finally they showed up,

There is even a video for #DeadRaccoonTO

To end this Norm Kelly tweeted this,

Drake's response to his hometown was....


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