3:30 a.m. on a Sunday may be the worst time for unexpected guests to show up at your house.

For Edward Barousse, it wasn't the timing as much as it was the type of guest and the inconvenient entrance that was made after a massive raccoon fell through the ceiling of his Saint Streets home.

I was awoken by some kind of scampering noise in the attic space directly above me. Before I could determine what was going on, and while looking up at the ceiling, both sheetrock and a large animal fell directly on top of me. I jumped out of bed and turned on the lights. It was a large raccoon about the size of a medium dog.

As if the idea of a raccoon falling on you in the middle of the night wasn't bad enough, Barousse could immediately tell he was cut and blood had covered one side of his face.


Unfortunately, he couldn't deal with his injuries because the raccoon "freaked out" and began running throughout the house, destroying everything in its path.

I put on bulky clothing, leather work gloves, and started the process of closing doors to limit where it could run. It took about 15 minutes to avoid the raccoon, close doors, and open the front door so it could run out.

After getting the raccoon outside, Barousse went directly to the Lafayette General Medical Center and received a tetanus shot and five rabies shots.


His injuries could have been worse, but his hands were cut up and his ear was still in pretty bad shape.

Once my left ear was cleaned it was discovered that a piece of it had come off almost completely. It all could have been much worse- the raccoon could have scratched my eyes or my face. I have five or six stitches in my ear, and it looks pretty gross, but I am expected to make a full recovery.

But his troubles weren't over yet. While Barousse waited in the ER he noticed a lot of friends and neighbors posting about the bad weather that had rolled into the area.


In the midst of his freak raccoon accident, it dawned on him that there was still a huge hole in his ceiling.

When I got home around 11 am, I checked my bedroom. There was, in fact, a hole in the roof as well, so it had been raining for 7 hours onto my bed and into the bedroom. So, I next had to scramble to begin repairs. I have so many great neighbors. One put a tarp on my roof before it rained yesterday afternoon, another brought lunch, and another put me in touch with a company that started work yesterday afternoon.

Neighbors in the Saint Streets area claim to have seen a "huge raccoon" in the area while jogging and enjoying their morning coffee. Barousse said that one day he's sure he'll laugh about all of this, but in the meantime, he's going to try his best to avoid infection and make his home "raccoon proof."

Needless to say, my attic space will now be fortified like Fort Knox, though it may have gotten in through a weak spot in the roof. Either way, there is repair work ahead.

While Barousse said he'll always have this crazy story, hopefully, he won't have the scars to prove it.