Earlier this week, Donald Trump decided to bust a move on the campaign trail and the internet wasted no time.

Trump spoke at a rally in Sanford, Florida on Monday night for his first official outing after he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19. After speaking for roughly one hour, Trump began some type of arm and leg movements that some are referring to as dancing.

The president was dancing to The Village People's "Y.M.C.A." but the internet went to work instantly and the overdubs were all hilarious. The best one I've seen so far (next to the Moonwalk to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean") would have to be Donald Trump tearing it down to the "Ratchet" by Boosie.

The video was posted by Instagram user @flydeep_meaux and even though the president doesn't have the best moves, somehow the song just works. I've literally watched on repeat for the last 20 minutes and you can do the same.

Not everyone was happy with Trump's lighthearted dance moves, as many expressed their disappointment in the fact that Trump was dancing while over 200,000 American citizens have died from the coronavirus.

All politics aside, if nothing this will be one of the most entertaining elections leading up to Election Day, but you have to get out and VOTE no matter what!

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