Do you see the snake in this pile of branches?

Cory Prejean posted this photo on Facebook and it shows just how easily these snakes blend in with wood, branches and other items commonly found in our backyard. I have to be completely honest and say that without the photo pointing out the tail (below) it would have taken me over a minute to find the snake.

Now, it should also be noted that it's easy to lean in and concentrate on finding a snake from the safety of a chair while I stare at the screen of my phone and my laptop, but if I was walking around the actual pile of branches I definitely wouldn't be afforded the time or the proximity to find the moccasin.


Prejean says the pile of branches was near his home in the Branch area.

This snake was in a gulley off of Hwy. 1101. Hwy. 1101 crosses Bayou Wikoff. It was just in a bunch of sticks and logs that were brought in from the high water. Every now and then during the day as I'm driving the back roads around our house in Branch I'll stop and look for snakes at a couple different bridges.

Just a reminder to be safe out there and to realize that these snakes often hide or blend into debris and are easily startled when approached, whether we are aware of them or not—especially in areas they may end up in due to flooding or high water.

Be safe out there!

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