A snapshot of what is being called the "Morganza Snake" has been making it's rounds on Facebook causing an uproar as people argue whether it is "real" or "fake."

We have heard from all the city and government officials that with the opening of the Morganza Spillway, that we may see animals (snakes, gators, bears, deer, hogs) in places that we don't normally see them as they seek higher ground from the water pouring into areas designated to relieve the swelling Mississippi.

Here in the studio, we have determined that this photo-that originated from user 'capelloamy' on WAFB's official website--has a few things that just don't add up.

  1. The snake is easily 20 ft. long and we can't think of a species of snake in Louisiana that gets to that size.
  2. Someone noticed that some of the plants in the background aren't common in Louisiana.
  3. Why would a snake of any size be traveling so close to the road?

But, we aren't experts—and we are torn—so please tell us, real or fake ???

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